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Learn how to build breakthrough brands

Since my first book Brand Hacks came out, I presented at over a hundred conferences, events and podcasts. Participations include Cannes Lions, Association of National Advertisers and Advertising Research Foundation.

  • Why, and what people buy

  • How to build and grow brands with limited budget

  • How to be a successful marketer in the next five years

You can also book me to host a workshop and show your team:

  • Why consumers will soon be overwhelmed with AI-generated content and products, and how brands can stand out in this sea of sameness

  • How to create successful campaigns by shaping expectations, integrating context and acting with empathy

  • How brands can reassure consumers about the future, by leveraging the past and the present

  • Why we relate anti-heroes, villains, and saviors and how to leverage these archetypes in advertising campaigns

  • What Picasso knew, and all marketers need to learn

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