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Assemblage shows you how to build brands that transform people and the world they live in.  

In Assemblage, you will learn:

  • How to shape consumers' perceptions

  • Why we relate with anti-heroes, villains, and saviors

  • How brands can reassure consumers about the future, by leveraging the past and the present

  • How to utilize data and insights to deliver a personalized, human-centric consumer experience

  • How brands can make a positive impact on people, society and the economy

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Brands can no longer force-feed us a plethora of products we don't need. To succeed, brands must transform us and the world we live in. 

Assemblage guides you through the art and science of creating transformative brands by combining personal, social and cultural attributes. 

There are three main parts to Assemblage:

  • Part 1: How Brands Can Transform Me

  • Part 2: How Brands Can Transform My World

  • Part 3: How Brands Can Transform The World

Assemblage is supported by in-depth research in consumer psychology, interviews with industry-leading marketers, and case studies of meaningful brands, both big and small.

Brand Hacks is clear and simple; no fluff, no BS. In Brand Hacks, you will learn:

  • What consumers want in life, and from brands

  • What brands do it best

  • How to build and grow a successful brand on a dime

You can read Brand Hacks cover to cover, or just select chapters, case studies or hacks - in no particular order.

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More about BRAND HACKS

Every year, brands spend over $560 billion (and counting) to convince us to buy their products. Yet, as consumers, we have become insensitive to most advertising. We easily forget brands and may switch to another product on a whim.


There are ways for brands to break this cycle.

Brands that succeed are the ones that help us find meaning. In this process, the brands become meaningful in and of themselves.

Brand Hacks takes you on an exploratory journey, revealing why most advertising campaigns fail and examining the personal, social, and cultural meanings that successful brands bring to consumers’ everyday lives. 

Most importantly, this book will show you how to use simple brand hacks to create and grow brands that deliver meaning even with a limited budget.

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