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Why you should work with me, now

You’ll tap into my unique expertise that’s made of:

  • 20+ years of experience in branding, marketing and market research for Fortune 100 brands

  • Wall Street Journal Best-selling author, endorsed by some of the biggest names in marketing (Martin Lindstrom, Jonah Berger, Rory Sutherland, David Aaker, among others)

  • Adjunct at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

On April 15 2001, I took a one-way train ride from my hometown in France to London, UK. Then, my English was so limited that Starbucks wouldn’t hire me as a trainee barista (I eventually landed at a breakfast restaurant, for a base salary $3.75/hour). 

From 2001 to 2010, I worked during the day to pay the rent and went to school at night to advance my career. 


I moved to the US in 2006 and worked my way up in research, insights and brand strategy roles at Dynata, WPP’s Kantar and now Ipsos.

My humble life journey

The challenge:

  • A European market research agency wanted to crack the US market. The agency had little to no brand awareness in the US, and no representation in the mid-west and south


The solution I brought:

  • Sold our research solutions and secured recurring clients: from $0 to $5M+

  • Secured Master Service Agreements with three marquee clients

  • Hired and led a team of research and sales professionals 

  • Grew brand awareness and reputation for the agency by participating in21 conferences in 3 years 


Area of expertise: Business growth and team leadership


The challenge:

  • A large ecosystem brand needed to understand the impact of specific events and marketing campaigns on the brand, revenue, and stock price.


The solution:

  • Designed a custom measurement program that enables the brand to predict, measure and optimize the impact of its marketing efforts

  • Led a team of senior data scientists and market researchers to

    • Collect, combine and analyze disparate sources of information (social media, news, surveys, legal publications…)

    • Link all findings to brand and revenue metrics

    • Provide actionable recommendations to the brand on the investments it should prioritize to generate the highest ROI


Area of expertise: Market research and consumer understanding

The challenge:

  • Propel visibility, credibility, and reputation in 5 priority markets, starting from scratch and on a shoestring budget


The solution:

  • Secured prestigious endorsements for two books

  • Created a full suite of marketing collaterals (media kit, chapter outline, sales sheet, rider…)

  • Created and deployed a content creation and social media strategy

  • Pitched media, key marketing and brand executives, and conference organizers

  • Impact: Secured 74 media engagements, podcast interview, workshops, and conference presentations in one year (2023)


Area of expertise: Personal Branding

The challenge:

  • After years of dominating the market in 20+ countries, a major media and entertainment brand was losing relevance and market share to a new breed of competitors

The solution:

  • Leveraged advanced analytics to identify, map out and quantify the strength of the 20 brand attributes that are the most powerful in driving brand equity

  • Performed a thorough analysis of what makes competitors successful (or what makes them fail), in entertainment and adjacent categories. 

    • Identified “white space” where the client brand could expand

  • Created a full roadmap to enable the client brand to regain market shares and grow its brand distinctiveness and differentiation

  • Helped activating this strategy, in particular by implementing an ongoing consumer and brand measurement program


Area of expertise: Global brand strategy

I counsel brands and people on how to grow revenue and develop a sustainable competitive advantage.
In my new book, Assemblage, I explain how to build brands that transform people and the world they live in.

At Ipsos, I help our clients measure and amplify how brands and consumers connect through content, communication, and media.
At UCLA, I teach students the tools they will need to become successful consumer insights and brand strategists.

My expertise stems from 20 years of experience in leadership, business growth and evidence-based brand strategy.

My books are endorsed by Jonah Berger, David Aaker and Martin Lindstrom, among others.

I hold a Doctorate in Consumer Psychology (University of Nottingham Trent, UK) and an MBA in Marketing (University of Hull, UK).


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