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Hello, I’m Emmanuel. 

I empower you with the skills, knowledge, and credibility you need to stand out and succeed.

  • Global Brand and Insights Strategist 

  • Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

  • UCLA Adjunct Professor

I counsel brands and people on how to grow revenue and develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

- In my new book, Assemblage, I explain how to build brands that transform people and the world they live in.

- At Ipsos, I help our clients measure and amplify how brands and consumers connect through content, communication, and media.

- At UCLA, I teach students the tools they will need to become successful consumer insights and brand strategists.

- My expertise stems from 20 years of experience in leadership, business growth and evidence-based brand strategy.

- My books are endorsed by Jonah Berger, David Aaker and Martin Lindstrom, among others.


I hold a Doctorate in Consumer Psychology and an MBA in Marketing.


Here is how I can help you:

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