Praises for Brand Hacks

Anything with the terms brand and hacks should be required reading in this day and age. Emmanuel lays out unique strategies for brands of all shapes, sizes and colors to utilize in a customer-dictated era.

Geoffrey Colon, Head of Brand Studio - Microsoft Advertising

Anyone with a brand should read this book. It is full of hacks that will help you create, grow, and maintain successful brands on a shoestring budget.

Matt Britton, Founder & CEO, SUZY

Emmanuel writes perceptively and eloquently about the changes taking place in our culture and their implications for brand building. Any marketer who really wants to up their game would be well-advised to read this book.

Nigel Hollis, Chief Strategy Officer, Kantar - Author: The Global Brand and The Meaningful Brand

Brand Hacks provides a new and insightful approach to understanding how brands work and what drives consumers today. Clear and informative.

Dylan Evans - Author: Emotion: The Science of Sentiment

What is a brand hack? A great idea for a book, well articulated with shortcuts and fresh thinking for all marketers to implement easily. Old tactics die hard - but this book will finally put them to rest.

Norty Cohen - Author: The Participation Game and Join The Brand / Founder and CEO, Moosylvania